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Keagan Girdlestone, born in Pretoria South Africa on the 30th April 1997, is a young rider aiming to achieve international success in cycling.
With his father and his elder brother both avid cyclists, it was almost a foregone conclusion that Keagan would start to cycle at a very young age.
Growing up with some of South Africa’s top cyclist around him Keagan has learnt just how much dedication, commitment and hard work it takes to achieve your dreams and goals.

In 2012, straight after winning his 1st National title he immigrated to New Zealand with his parents. Keagan spent 2014 – ’15 racing in the Australian National Road Series. Getting noticed allowed him the opportunity to take the next step, racing a short stint in Europe where he was able to get a few international wins to his name. Keagan was then selected for the South African National Junior Team to race at the World Championships in Richmond where he manage 4th in the Individual Time Trial respectively.

In 2016 Keagan was in a major accident that nearly ended his life. He is currently working hard to defy all odds to race at the top end of the sport! And thanks the thousands of people that have supported him along the way!

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  1. Shane fairmaid says:

    I’m an old rider who’s followed your progress from afar. I’ve been to your home country & raced the cape epic. A truly beautiful country is your home land SA.
    My son Jacko had a serious work place accident last year nearly losing his leg. He like you is a great spirit & is taking it in his stride & getting on with his life the best he knows how. Cup half full always looking to what can be done not what can’t. A lot of suffering & rehab for such a young man like you are.
    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
    You have an awesome family Keagan that will help carry u forward in this time of suffering young Keagan. What u possibly don’t appreciate is that this time of suffering builds you & your family stronger.
    I’ve been to Lucca with my wife. Lovely place. U will be back ……..keep fighting Keagan. Thinking of u fella. shane


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