Kicking it up a notch!

I thought I’d take the time to get everyone sped up on what has been happening and what I’d like to be doing in the next phase of the year. I’ve had a prolific amount of goals and milestones I wanted to achieve at the start of the year and I think it is safe to say I’ve accomplished most, if not all of what I’ve set my sights on. This has been incredible to do and to share with everyone and I thank all of you for your kind words of support over the last few months. Your messages go a long way.

Anyway, back to the update. As many of you know and have probably noticed over the last few months, I don’t settle for the easy path and good is never good enough. Sound familiar? Well there is good news and bad news to this… The good news is, my good is still not good enough and the bad news is, my good is still not good enough. Let me delve into more detail on why this is both a good and a bad thing. The good news is obvious. LOTS OF ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT! The bad news is, my main goal for the year, The Tour of Southland is only 16 weeks away and currently, I’m not in any sort of condition to perform at the level I want to compete at. Remember the dilemma I pointed out at the beginning of this blog? Good is never good enough! On top of that I’ve also set my self a slightly longer term goal of competing at the Commonwealth Games in Australia next year. I know a lot of people will think there is no way this will be possible. I don’t blame anyone for thinking these things because honestly, most of the time I think my own ambitions are a bit… Unorthodox!


To put things into perspective… I feel as though I’ve just finished climbing a mountain to get to where I am today. Make no mistake, it’s a great and rewarding feeling being where I am today considering where I was. It’s been a hard journey just to become a “normal” cyclist. Now we all know the difference between “normal” and “World Tour” is pretty significant. Some people would go the lengths to say it’s a whole new universe…

My game plan to get to this “new universe”. I don’t plan on making things complicated and ridiculous like some people probably think it is. Riding 1000km weeks every other week? NO. Ride 4 hours at 300w every other day? NO… Mainly because 301w is my current maximal power 😉 All jokes a side. I think it’s pretty simple. Well simple until you need to apply it.

PROFESSIONALISM is pretty much the magic formula for every hard working and successful athlete. A pretty broad spectrum, I know. I’ve taken measure into my own hands, as I should, It’s my goals and ambitions, no one else’s. Only seems right?

Apart from religiously following my training program given to me by the only coach I’ve ever had and probably the best in the business Virtual Training Centre, and doing what is required of me. I’ve done a little soul searching over my break. I started “Junk Free June” with my mother and my friend mainly to help motivate them to get through it too. I turned this little endeavor into something more serious. I now have a nutritionist giving me advice on a whole bunch of really healthy foods to eat to give me the energy I had been lacking due to fatigue after training. Plus I want to “bulk” up a bit because quite frankly, 61kg at 188cm tall is a bit extreme. And yes, I know you don’t just bulk up from eating right. If you follow me on Facebook and / or Instagram you would of noticed I’ve been at the gym. Yes, another step in the right direction I now have a physio who is helping me with a program to help me make the essential marginal gains and on top of that I get a massage once a week to help not only the legs but nerve damage specific treatment in my arm as well. I know, a 20 year old male can organize things in his life. I’m shocked too don’t worry. Actually a massive thank you must go to Vic Chapman, from Optimal Performance who reached out to me to offer me her amazing service to help me get back into the swing of things.


Putting all these necessary things together I’m working towards becoming more like the old Keagan. Hopefully this time round even more lean and more of a machine… I know that’s corny but it rhymes… Can you blame me?

In all honesty I don’t think I’ve ever been so professional.  Besides never having a gym program, ever. I now track how many hours I sleep, what my resting heart rate is and what my weight is every single morning. It sounds a bit over the top I know but I think if I wish to one day ride in the Tour de France or even a more realistic and closer goal, the Commonwealth Games, I need to take these sorts of steps. I know this because before my break I became very run down and very fatigued all the time. Especially near the end of my training block. Which for me is not normal. If you knew me before, I was a ball of energy that never bloody stopped bouncing off the walls. More to add to the good news front, I feel way better, more energetic, making a tad more power and I’m only one week into training after a much needed two week break!

I finally believe I’m on track now. Hopefully the training will reflect that soon! I guess time will tell. Until next time, see the universe through possibility because if you work hard enough, well… you achieve your goals!

Ciao, thanks for making  it to the end ❤

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  1. David says:

    Awesome commitment. Recognise the contributions others an make, like physio, to overall achievement. Go go Keagan!


  2. epihacycler says:

    Fantastic to see your progress mate 1 step back 2 steps forward.
    My wife always tells me “rest is training too” .
    You give me inspiration and motivation to work towards goals i have now set for myself and look forward to shaking your hand one day soon mate.
    Keep up the good work

    Liked by 1 person

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